Jane Austen in BathOne of the main highlights for many of our visitors to The Old Smithy Loft in Sydney Wharf, and growingly to our new apartment Hedgemead Court just off Walcot Street, is Jane Austen and her almost synonymous relationship with the world heritage city of Bath.

Jane Austen, who lived a short life from 1775 to 1817, was an English novelist and is renowned today as one of the classic artists of English literature, most notably for her novels Pride and Prejudice (1813), Emma (1815), and Persuasion (1817).

In her novels, Austen’s portrayal of Bath’s famous balls, women’s fashion and social gatherings have painted the image that today so infectiously demands our affection for the regency period. It was often Bath itself that was known as the fashion leader of Austen’s time; tailor-made dresses for special occasions and the change towards loose, long-hanging curls of hair over the piled up hairstyles of the earlier 1700s.

Of course one shouldn’t forget the halls that feature in Austen’s novels. Halls like the Assembly Rooms, which features in Austen’s novel Persuasion, are one of the many reasons Bath is so popular for Austen fans. Today you can still see the Assembly Rooms in all their glory. Sometimes the venue will even throw balls, attracting hundreds of visitors. The Assembly Rooms is also home to the Bath Fashion Museum, featuring period dresses and other exhibitions.

Map of Bath where Jane Austen’s characters walked in her 1817 novel, Persuasion

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