Relax and Book Now.  Full Refund if Cancellations due to Government restrictions.

For any bookings made after the 22nd February 2021 the following applies. 

If your booking has to be cancelled due to Government restrictions either because we have to close or your address is put into lockdown then we will either move your booking or will refund in full, whichever you prefer.

However, if you or your party are unable to travel for whatever reason including Covid 19 manifestations, then you will not be covered as these are all insurable risks. Regrettably we cannot cover you but you can cover yourselves.. 

If you choose not to take out UK travel insurance then you must accept responsibility for any loss incurred in cancellation. We are obviously not travel insurance specialists but strongly advise you contact companies such as or or This would then cover Covid related problems as this is now a known risk and other circumstances not under your control. With this cover, you can book with confidence.

Will my insurance cover my holiday if the cancellation is not Covid related?

We strongly advise all our guests to take out insurance cover or pay by credit card (some offer insurance cover in the event of cancellation but check). Should your cancellation be due to any circumstance not related to Government restrictions, we recommend you contact your insurance company or your credit card company. 

What changes have you made to your cleaning methods?

Nikki, Rob and Maria, my excellent housekeeping team are already very proud of the brilliant reviews they get for their state of cleanliness in our properties. Obviously we have had to adapt some of our processes, wear PPE and use stronger disinfectants and sanitisers. We are stringently following the latest Government guidelines both for the safety of our guests and the team.

We have done a full Risk Assessment which you can see on our Digital Guest Book and obviously we have had to adapt some of our processes, wear PPE and use much stronger disinfectants and sanitisers. We are stringently following the latest Government guidelines both for the safety of our guests and the team.

To this end we have been accepted as COVID Confident by both Visit England and the AA. We are continuously monitoring the situation and adapting as necessary. There are hand sanitisers outside the properties and sea re using foggers/mist sprays on all our furnishings and carpets.

To this end, we would reluctantly ask you to strip all bedding and put into the supplied bags.

What Information is there in the properties?

We have had to remove all brochures… but most of the information is available on our personalised Digital Property Guide to which you will be sent a link on booking and Visit Bath website is another good source. We have left some reading matter in the properties but please either take away the paper backs (we have plenty more!) or leave them on the floor so that we can sanitise them for the required 72 hours.

Check in?

For your convenience, we have always offered self check in via key-code anyway so this will continue. You will be sent the key code 7 days prior to arrival. Hand sanitisers will be found either near the key code box or immediately inside the property.

The Government advice is that we should ask you to leave by 9.30 and arrive say 5.50pm to ensure enough time for sanitising so we reluctantly again ask you to follow that.

How do we contact you?

The number for Nikki is available on every piece of communication and in the properties. Delighted to hear from you should you have any problems… but do check in the Digitalised Guest Book first.

What to do if we don’t feel well either before or during your stay?

Please cancel if you are feeling ill before you come can always rebook with confidence. But if you do feel ill during your stay it is very important that you tell us immediately so we do not put  our housekeeping team at risk in any shape or form.. The Royal United Hospital is the local hospital in Bath should you need it.
Hopefully you will enjoy a carefree stay and Nikki, Rob and Marie have all done their best to ensure that is the case. But any problems do get in touch.

The Government guidance is:

  • you must inform the accommodation provider immediately
  • immediately self isolate and request a test by calling 119 or online at
  • return home as quickly as possible but only driving if you can do so safely
  • if you cannot avoid using public transport you should continue to self isolate and call 119 for further advice
  • if self-isolating in the accommodation necessitates extending your stay , you can only do this if agreed with the accommodation provider
  • the customer will be expected to pay the costs of the extended stay and compensation to future guest in all but exceptional circumstances

Covid 19 in Bath

To date there have been very few cases of infection etc in Bath.  In fact it is one of the least infected areas in England.  Fingers crossed this continues.

Bath will be open for business following the Government guidelines at the end of March. The Council has given permission for the cafes and restaurants to have more tables and chairs outside so there should be quite a continental atmosphere. The local pubs will open for outside dining…best to book but most are very jolly and it is as far as possible, business as usual.

The situation changes daily but best to look on for up to date info.

But do relax and have fun!