Tucking Mill is a natural haven

Escape with a tranquil escape to the country in the leafy hamlet of Tucking Mill, where you’ll find several luxury self-catering cottages just 15 minutes’ from the beautiful Georgian city of Bath. Ideal for a weekend retreat or a romantic getaway in rural Somerset, I can guarantee that one biggest benefits of a stay here is the countryside surrounding these artisan properties. Tucked away within the lush green Midford Valley, you’re able to witness flora and fauna change with the seasons.

Nature’s playground on your doorstep

There is plenty to discover in the immediate vicinity, with a glistening reservoir found just a short walk from the rental cottages. The neighbouring Tucking Mill Wood provides a shaded canopy of mature Ash, Maple and Elm trees. The path follows the former tramway line, built to carry stone between the old quarry and the saw mill.

Image Copyright: Sustrans.org.uk

Flora and fauna in abundance

Woodland makes up a large portion of the site, with wildlife in abundance. The reservoir provides a key feeding ground frequented by kingfishers, moorhens and little grebe, amongst others. The adjoining beefly meadows also acts as a rich breeding ground for a diverse species of wildflowers over 140 different species I am told, including the common rockrose, pyramidal orchid, birds-foot trefoil and wild thyme. If you’re a keen butterfly spotter you’re in for a treat!

You might also visit the ancient copses of Horsecombe Vale and Priory Woods nearby, I continue to enjoy these pockets of woodland tucked on the outskirts of the city. Beneath the canopy there is also a rich variety of treasures to forage, such as wood anemone, wild garlic, sweet woodruff and twayblade. If you’re lucky, you may even spot Bath asparagus aka. Spiked Star of Bethlehem, typically scarce to the British countryside, but often found around Bath.